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A Day in the Life at The Westin Bayshore by Alejandro Medina

The Westin

I am going to narrate my day from sunrise to sunset or in other words from dusk to sunrise because I have been working different shifts and a variety of roles during my internship. I do not have my own place to live until August 1th; that is why, I have stayed in different places here in Vancouver.  I am staying right now in East Vancouver, which is a very hippie area, I drive from here to the Bay- shore in downtown Vancouver and I have the pleasure to enjoy the scenery on my way to work passing by the Science Museum, BC Place Stadium, Rogers Arena, and Art Gallery everyday or night.

I will describe only the graveyard shift since that one is the most complex where I have three different roles combined in just one shift which are: Lobby, In Room Dinning, and Valet Parking. I park at the staff parking, I go change and when I am all set I swipe in, pick up a radio from the back office and I do shift briefing with PM team and Manager on Duty. After that I remove the Elixir and prepare a fresh one placing it at the lobby, and then I check the number of arrivals, car in the driveway to park or cars to be pulled, any special request, and bag pull information in the red folder at the lobby. Usually after that I start receiving in room dinning orders where I have to prepare the food, set trays and deliver it to guests to their rooms; meanwhile, I also I can get miscellaneous request from the Lobby or Command Centre such as: taking tooth paste, roll away beds, and so on to the guests’ rooms.


Usually after the IRD orders’ slow down at about 1:30 am during the night I start my mandatory tasks that I have to execute. I bring outdated newspaper to the recycling bin as well to deliver Global news paper to every single floor and also specific guest inquires with papers such as: USA Today and Wall Street Journal. And then clean bell closet and ensure that bell storage looks neat and tidy and polish at least two bell carts with metal polish. After that upon notification, I deliver ECO’s from front desk and ask a command centre agent for expected departures report; also, I check for door menus hanging on guests’ door know hangers, if a guest qualifies I slip a $5 dollar voucher under the door with its respected room number. When I return  I go to the command centre with any breakfast order that I find during that walk.

After my lobby’s tasks I go to the IRD area and prepare one tray with butter balls I leave them in the fridge for AM IRD. Also, I ensure that pop and juice are sufficiently stocked. Next, I restock plates, cutlery, glasses, linen, bread, etc. I separate coffee filters, clean all coffee urns and wipe down machines. Then I set up the 6:00 am-8:00 preset orders from the door knob menus and I make sure coffee is brewed at approximately 6:00am and then pick up bakery item from the kitchen. During the last hour I do complete a thorough sweeps “pick trays and tables from hallways and service elevators” I go back to IRD area and I put everything away on the Queen Mary and I take all the dirty dishes to dish pit area located in stewarding. After a long and hard shift I return radio to charger and I talk to coworkers about shift briefing.

City view

Bike RideOn my days off I was looking for a place to live, finally I found an apartment just two blocks away from Jo’s place FYI he does not know that. 

Since last week I have enjoyed my days off with my wife going for a walk or riding a bike at the Seawall, and Stanley Park and having a great time in this beautiful city called Vancouver.

City Background