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A day in the life at Shanghai Radisson Blu New World Hotel

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Shanghai Radisson Blu New World Hotel

Shanghai Radisson Blu New World Hotel

My internship position is food and beverage management trainee at the Shanghai Radisson Blu New World hotel located in Shanghai,  China. The past three weeks since I started to move and work in the hotel have been a blast and different for me. Shanghai Radisson Blu New World Hotel is located at the heart of Shanghai, 3 mins walk to the People’s square which is full of shopping mall, lots of old people dancing over there around 7 pm to 9 pm every day. I can also get to the night market with a 5 mins walk from the hotel. Night market is full of different kind of street food and all types of cuisine from all over the world.

First day of work selfie #soexcited

First day of work selfie #soexcited

There have been no training to get me ready for the position during my time at the hotel. I attended a 2 hours session orientation with People Resources to have a brief introduction about the hotel. I learned that Radisson Blu hotels are part of the Carlson Rezidor hotel group family and they are one for the top 10 largest hotel companies in the world. There are 1037 locations in 74 countries. I also been told to be aware of the pick pockets in the area around the hotel. They can take your wallets and phones in a heartbeat.

The orientation also included a tour of the hotel and a quick tour around the neighborhood. I have met some new colleagues and they brought me out and explore around the city. My job duties have been mainly focus on one restaurant so far and I will be rotated in different restaurants every few weeks, my shifts are either 6:30 am to 3 pm, or 2:30 pm to 11 pm. I have been working a lot morning shift lately. One of my days in life at this hotel can be described like this:

6 am: Wake up and get ready and go to the staff canteen for breakfast. I really enjoy working morning shift, I am very much a morning person.

6: 30 am: Heading up to the restaurant and ready to take care of the morning breakfast buffet. On a slow day, the restaurant will most likely get around 200 to 250 guests to come for breakfast. My job duties are interact and make sure guests have a great breakfast experience.

10:45 am: The breakfast will be finished at 10:30, while the stewarding and housekeeping departments are taking down the morning buffet and flipping over to lunch service, I will attend the F&B daily management meeting. During the meeting I will know about what’s happening at the hotel as well as how much the restaurant is below the forecasted revenue and how we can increase our revenue.

11am: Heading down to the staff canteen and enjoy lunch. Some days are good food, some days are really bad.

12 noon: Lunch service started, make sure everything goes smoothly.

3pm: Make sure everything are all stocked, such as cutleries, napkins and enough for dinner service. After that, I am off! Finally can go back to my room and watch tv and do my own thing.

On my days off, I love traveling around the city, as a buddhist myself, I have been to every single temple in Shanghai.

I am really thankful that I have a lot of good friends. During my days off, some of my classmates came all the way to my hotel and visit me.


This is a picture of me at The Bund, the most famous place in Shanghai.

The Bund

The Bund


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