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A Day in the Life at the Delta Lodge in Kananaskis- by Phuong Bui

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Delta Lodge at KananaskisMy internship position is banquets server at the Delta Lodge at Kananaskis. The past three weeks since I started to move and work in the hotel have been a whole new experience for me. The Delta Lodge at Kananaskis (DLAK) is one of the seven Delta properties in Alberta. “Live the Adventure” is the Delta Lodge at Kananaskis’s motto and it also represents the experiences that the hotel and Kananaskis Country get to offer for both guests and employees.




Highway 40- Scenic Drive

Highway 40- Scenic Drive

Welcome to Bear Country  - I saw they crossing the road several times during my first weeks here.

Welcome to Bear Country  – I saw they crossing the road several times during my first weeks here.











View Point at the Village Rim Trail

View Point at the Village Rim Trail

There have been many training for me during my first weeks here at the hotel to get me ready for the position. I attended orientation day with People Resources to have a brief introduction about the hotel, as well as what need to be aware of when living in the area close to nature and wildlife. The orientation also included a tour of the valley and a short hike to get us started with the mountain life. In the department, for the training plan I will receive training for different tasks in night list, day list and serving. My first three weeks have been focused on night list duty which includes setting up rooms and buffet tech.

Working in banquets, every day will be different depending on the assigned duty at the start of each shift J so you can get away from the routine for a little bit. One of my days in life can be described like this:

10am: Waked up and get ready to go to staff cafeteria for lunch. I work mostly night shifts; therefore, I am very much a night owl. I often stop by the viewpoint of the Village Rim Trail closed by the hotel to get nice fresh air and a view of the beautiful scenery of mountains and the golf course to start my day J.

12pm: Heading back to the residence. The convenience of living in the residence when working at DLAK is it only takes about 5 minutes to walk to the hotel and you don’t have to worry about traffic. I then got ready for my shift start at 3:30pm.

3:15pm: Walked to the lodge and signed in.

3:30pm: Have a line up with the manager, supervisor and my coworkers to go through the functions and assigned duties for each individual. Today we had a group of 250 people attend meeting during the day; and now to have to flip the room for their dinner. I was assigned to set up the tables with one of my co-workers. We were required to do full set for dinner service for the total of 30 tables. Once every one finished their assigned tasks, they would also come in and help us to finish the room for the night.Dinner setup in Olympic Room

5:30pm: The room, all the set up and preparation were now ready for the function. We had another line up to go through the assigned duty for dinner service. We had two teams: buffet tech and serving. I was on the buffet tech team with my banquet captain and one of my co-workers.

5:35pm: In our team we had to split up the duties. I took care of polishing the utensils, my co-worker got the chaffers and food labels ready.

6:00pm: We went to the kitchen to pick up the foods for the buffet.

6:30pm: Ready for dinner service. Tonight I was assigned to take care of the hot food station. When the food went low as 1/3, I would go to the kitchen to pick up a new tray and replace it to ensure that the buffet doesn’t run out.

7:30pm: All the guests had dinner and the buffet stations were slow down. I cleaned up all the food crumbs and tidy all the stations. Besides that, I kept the dessert station restocked since it was time people go for dessert.

8:20pm: My supervisor let us know that we could tear down the buffet. My team and I brought all the cold and hot food back to the kitchen; the dessert was still opened for the guests.

8:30pm: I went for 15 minutes break for dinner.

8:45pm: After the break, I helped the servers in the room to clear out plates and glasses.

10:30pm: My shift finished for the day and I headed back to the residence for a nice rest to get ready for a new day :).

View of the Upper Kananskis Lake from the Trail

View of the Upper Kananskis Lake from the Trail

the Upper Kananaskis Lake

the Upper Kananaskis Lake

How I spend my day off

How I spend my day off




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